Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Axis of Weasels pays tribute to Al Qaeda

The standard response of many European countries to the kidnapping of their citizens has been to pay the ransom demanded.  Thirty one European tourists have been held hostage in the Algerian desert for 8 weeks. The motive was money; the hostage takers were Al Qaeda. According to the Guardian, the hostage

"Wintersteller described his abductors as Islamic extremists who 'wanted to install an Islamic state in Algeria and overthrow the government.' He quoted the kidnappers as saying they were negotiating with the hostages' governments.

'They wanted ransom money - no political demands, as far as I know. They wanted money to get weapons', he said."

The cowardly natives (the Algerians) were set to attempt a rescue despite their limited resources. But the stalwart Germans had other ideas: they would give them the money for the weapons. The money quote from Deutsche Welle:

A French radio channel has reported that 31 European tourists, who have been missing in the Sahara Desert for months, have been kidnapped by smugglers and are being held in southern Algeria. Algerian police are said to be negotiating a ransom of several million dollars with the smuggler group. The channel RFI said that a planned military action by Algerian authorities had been put on hold on account of the wishes of the German government.

The Abu Sayaf, another terrorist group affiliated with the Al-Qaeda, had held 12 Europeans hostage in the Philippines. They were later released in exchange for nearly US $1 million in ransom each. The money was said to have fueled the subsequent attacks by the terrorist group against civilian targets in the Philippines. As a point of reference, the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, was estimated to have cost US $600,000.

The Europeans have entered into a de facto arrangement with militant Islam under which the latter extract a tribute from the former in exchange for refraining from deadly attacks on European soil. In return, the money paid by Europe can be freely used to lethally attack lesser breeds with impunity; like Kenyans, Indians, Algerians, Filipinos, Timorese, Americans and the Jews. The next time you hear a soothing European "progressive" radio broadcast extolling their commitment to world peace, think of how it works out in practice.


Americans Tim and Gracia Burnham enjoying the hospitality of the Abu Sayaf.