Monday, May 12, 2003

Dem darkies 'jes won' stay on de plantation

Glenn Reynolds is at it again. He's linked to story describing a demonstration scheduled by the Congress for Racial Equality (CORE) against Greenpeace for "eco-manslaughter". The money quote is:

"To serve its own ideological agenda, [Greenpeace] wants to keep the Third World permanently mired in Third World poverty, disease and death. So far, it has succeeded," said Niger Innis, national spokesperson for CORE.

Ouch. I wonder how many people in the international peace movement will admit that they actually benefit from endless war in Kashmir, Algeria, Indonesia, the Philippines and Africa because it provides them with the opportunity to flit from one "peace conference" to the other? The death of Filipinos in Ipil and Siocon and the gift of peace to children blown to shreds on the LRT on Rizal Day, 2001 are all just part of the "cycle of violence", but they are never acts of war. Only attempts to stop them are.