Friday, May 16, 2003

France Denounces American "Lies"

France has accused the United States of smearing France, and promised to catalogue the calumnies uttered against it. According to Reuters, "Paris has angrily denied articles alleging it collaborated with the fallen regime of Saddam Hussein, including a recent item in the Washington Times that it issued passports to fleeing Iraqi officials wanted by the United States."

Senior American officials denied the existence of a misinformation campaign.

"''Certainly there's no such campaign out of this building,'' Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said. ''I can't speak for the rest of the government. But I have heard of nothing like that.'' White House and State Department officials gave similar denials."

In a related development, the United States has decided to downgrade its participation in the Paris Air Show; "no one above the rank of colonel" and only a handful of aircraft will be sent, all restricted to static display.

It is inconceivable that France could engage in such treachery.

A 1976 photograph shows a French team touting reactor sales. Saddam Hussein is the second from the left. Jacques Chirac is at far right.


Same visit. Jacques Chirac is second from left, front row. Saddam Hussein is in the second from right, front row.