Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Philippine Communists Endorse Attack on Siocon

The Communist Party of the Philippines is pleased as punch that their Muslim brothers have burned the town of Siocon in Zamboanga del Norte.

"The CPP expressed support to the war footing being observed by the Moro rebels. “It is absolutely correct for the MILF to carry out guerrilla attacks against government forces in order to defend its gains and recover lost ground, resist the AFP campaign of suppression and carry forward the Moro people’s struggle for self-determination,” Rosal said."

Any deaths were purely coincidental, as:

"He said the civilians slain in the Siocon rampage were caught in the crossfire and should not be made the yardstick to condemn the MILF and classify it as terrorist."

Dang those rampages. Can't a feller have a decent rampage without people getting all hot and bothered? All the Communists and the Islamists want is "peace". It's everyone else who wants war -- especially the dastardly Americans.

“The US has long been wanting to categorically also declare the MILF as a terrorist organization in order to justify the further deployment of US troops in Mindanao,” Rosal said.

"He added that “categorizing the MILF as terrorist “would not affect one bit” the legitimacy of the Moro peoples’ “struggle for self-determination against oppression by US imperialism and its puppet Manila government.”

Although neither the Communists nor the Islamists fear America "one bit", they are not especially eager to catch a glimpse of the Shades, and are denouncing the

"premeditated efforts, allegedly instigated by the United States, was already “cemented” to list the MILF as a terrorist group to justify the deployment of foreign troops in Mindanao."

Talks with the MILF were scheduled to be held in Malaysia, although Ambassador Roy V. Seneres doesn't think the Malaysians are honest brokers.

Malaysia may not be the best mediator and host for the peace talks, because it does not appear to be neutral, and it may not be in Malaysia’s best interest to attain peace in Mindanao.

In other words, there may be a conflict of interest on the part of Malaysia, and it may be self-serving on their part to maintain the status quo of not having peace in Mindanao.

But ... but ... how can that be? Probably because the Malaysians trained the MILF in the first place.