Saturday, June 14, 2003

Just another quiet weekend

Operation Peninsula Strike

Lots of good stuff at Phil Carter's Intel Dump, on Operation Peninsula Strike, far too good for me to regurgitate. He puts it in the context of the new offensive capability of US forces in Iraq, which is now surplus to their peacekeeping capabilities. He also narrates the earlier actions of Pvt. Jesse Halling, who was mortally wounded by an RPG while repelling an attack. He has been recommended for a Silver Star, America's third-highest award for valor under fire. Read the whole thing.

One hundred Iraqi KIA in the operation so far. No US combat deaths.

Iranian Student Demonstrations

The word demonstration will soon have to be redefined to include chains, clubs, cattle prods and firearms. Not only are the students chanting "Death to Khamenei", they are significantly, calling for the rejection of President Mohammad Khatami who has been dubbed a "reformist" by the Western Press. The Mullahs are, not surprisingly, accusing the United States of stirring up dissent. Ever since Europeans dismissed talk about the Axis of Evil as the mere ignorant spouting of a cowboy, things haven't quite been the same in Iraq, Iran and North Korea.


Meanwhile, the ragtag rebel armies of Africa have killed 400 persons in fighting around Monrovia, Liberia, over the past week -- four the times the number the US 4th ID and 101st Airborne have killed in Operation Peninsula Strike -- probably because they kill just anybody. But don't worry, the UN is on the job.