Wednesday, June 25, 2003

What's the world coming to?

A French Novel Trashing NGOs ...

Well it seems it really is open season on NGOs. A French author called Iegor Gran has just written a novel titled "ONG", which is, of course, French for NGO. From the little that I can make out, it is an absurdist account of how an NGO goes about scheming and blackmailing ways. Read the review in Amazon (in French). Of course, the shenanigans of NGOs has been documented before. Graham Hancock's Lords of Poverty remains a classic which may make you think twice about dropping that dollar into the donation pail.

The United States of Europe won't be like the Original

Media groups on Tuesday reacted with disbelief to the disclosure that the European Commission is considering a law to ban sexist television programs and advertising. The European Publishers Council, which represents 29 media corporations, described the move as an “extraordinary” move towards censorship.

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