Saturday, August 09, 2003

Hezbollah Urges Americans Not to Vote Republican

The secretary-general of Hezbollah has called upon Muslims the world over to wage jihad against Americans in Iraq and to launch suicide attacks against them.

he invited all the Muslim religious sages in the entire Islamic world "to do something together about the situation in Iraq, so that the Americans will not be able to take advantage of the split in the Muslim leadership. Let us adopt the Iraqis to our hearts so that they will be able to unify their choice: opposition in the form of a war of jihad, making sacrifices for the cause [or suicide attacks."

But Hezbollah Secretary-general Nasrallah admitted that there was little hope the combined Islamist efforts would succeed and urged them to focus on removing the Republican administration from Washington:

"The resistance movement [against the U.S. in Iraq] may not be able to remove the U.S. from Iraq within a year, but it will be able to remove Bush, [Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld and [National Security Adviser] Condoleezza Rice, together with their Zionist friends, from the White House," Nasrallah assured his listeners.

The terrorists understand that the democracy cannot be destroyed on the battlefield before it is humbled on the field of culture. While Hezbollah may have no equivalent to American military technology, in the sphere of culture and politics, the arsenal of its allies overmatches the conservatives. Can the puny "Voice of America" match the influence of the British Broadcasting Corporation? Nasrallah is explicitly calling upon Islamist extremists to focus every shred of military, political and propaganda effort on putting a Democrat in the White House.

In some respect, the past American victories over terrorism will make liberal appeasement easier. Had Al Gore been elected President, it would have required a lot of creative editorializing to let the Taliban keep ruling Afghanistan under Osama Bin Laden and to maintain the pretense of a blockade of Iraq, which in the event, did not keep Saddam from killing 200 of his own citizens per day. The recent achievements, so derided by the Democrats, will now be described as a margin of safety behind which a "responsible" leadership (as opposed to the irresponsible people who created the margin of safety) will seek a "just" solution.

But that is just smoke to blow in the face of American voters. The Hezbollah have the secret decoder ring. They know that the real meaning of a Democrat in the White House will be the forfeiture of every American gain, just as Hitler in the 1930s knew the true import of the Oxford Union's famous resolution: "That this House refuses in any circumstances to fight for King and Country." It really meant, 'we choose to fight for Hitler'.