Saturday, December 06, 2003

Thanks to Steven den Beste

My thanks to Steven den Beste, for his kind words about the Belmont Club. I think he puts it too high, though the reader may be the judge. Somewhere Donald Sensing said that he began to write primarily because he wanted to understand the world, little expecting an audience for his posts. He speaks for many, and certainly for myself; it is a very old yearning. When Tolstoy wrote "if I were told that I could write a novel in which I could indisputably establish as true my point of view on all social questions, I would not dedicate two hours to such a work; but if I were told that what I wrote would be read twenty years from now ... and that they would weep and laugh over it ... then I would dedicate all my existence and all my powers to it" he set out to capture in majuscule what I haltingly record in miniature. A record of our life and times from someone who does not quite know how it is going to turn out. He was the original blogger, the best but for one; and he alone, while we are many.