Friday, November 19, 2004

Death in Antwerp

Andrew Sullivan links to an as-yet unsolved murder of an Orthodox Jew in Antwerp. The Jerusalem Post has the details:

Moshe Yitzhak Na'eh, 24, a Belgian Jew who was shot in the head Wednesday night in Antwerp in what seems to be an anti-Semitic attack, died of his wounds late Thursday afternoon, Belgium's Prosecutor's Office announced.  "We do not exclude any motive, but so far there are no indications that the motive was racist or extremist," said the prosecutor's spokeswoman, Dominique Renyers.  ...

Na'eh, 24, a father of three – the oldest five years old, the youngest an 18-month-old baby – was shot at about 2:20 a.m. on Lange Kievitstraat as he was unloading his car near a Muslim neighborhood in Antwerp, home to large Jewish and Muslim communities. Na'eh was also a British citizen.

Ceitlin added that he was informed that at the time of the shooting Na'eh was carrying 1,300 in his pockets, which the attackers are not believed to have attempted to steal. "This is further evidence that the attack might have been an anti-Semitic incident," Ceitlin said.

It is really too early to pin the blame on the usual suspects, a list which could be pretty long considering the checkered history of Europe. Readers will recall that a woman claiming to be Jewish alleged she was molested on a French train, a story which turned out to be a fabrication. But if Na'eh's murder is related to the jihad, then reader Jane's point on the Grozny thread will have proved prescient.

The youngsters, the violent impatient ones, have suffered a great loss at Falluja, while the patient ones may have suffered their greatest loss on 9/11 when some of us became aware. Daniel Pipes suggests the youthful terrorists will give up on theatrical violence and use mafia tactics. They already are in Paris and Malmo. Watching blogs and newspapers closely I see a new wave of warfare coming from the patient group. They are returning with a vengeance to the well-marketed psychological PR type moderate rhetoric directed at our desire to get along and our penchant for political correctness. There are plenty of apologetic dhimmis in Europe who will happily accommodate by spewing anything but their fear. You can see it today in a Glenn Reynolds post. What we need to worry most about is whether individually we will be as strong and prepared as our Marines when the silent patient battle comes to our neighborhood, school board and political system.

In that same thread, I remarked:

... I was also curious as to whether anything had been written about "subclinical" urban warfare, situations in which government authority is limited, but not actually totally prevented, by a network of gangs, intimidation and social pressure. That would probably characterize some of the worse Islamic ghettos in Europe. Is there a continuum in which terrorist cells in embryo can turn a subclinical urban area into a "no go" site?

But let's be mindful that there are no established facts in this case and until there are, it is all speculation.