Sunday, February 20, 2005

European Constitution Referendum in Spain

Franco Aleman at Barcepundit is blogging the referendum on the European Constitution.

The biggest fear by Zapatero's government is in case the voter turnout is really low, since the whole thing would be a real slap in the face of the Prime Minister utopian pro-European stance. A "yes" vote is virtually asssured, after the propaganda campaign (and I mean, propaganda) and since the main party in opposition, the right-of-center Popular Party is also for a yes vote. I guess they won't cry much much if the turnout is low, though.

According to Barcepundit's latest update, the initial exit poll stats are as follows:

Turnout -- 41%
Yes-- 77/80%
No-- 15/17%
Blank-- 5/6%