Sunday, March 13, 2005

Update on the New Site

First, I'd like to apologize for the inability of readers to reliable comment on the posts. Because we all go through the Blogger interface, any difficulties you may have experienced afflict me as well.

Here's the update on the new site. I've got a domain and a hosting service. It will host more than a blog, though I'm not sure I'll activate all the possible features because the administrative burden may spin out of control. The weblog itself will be run on a product with a much greater feature set than Blogger, but it will not be one which most will have heard of. The source code for the entire application is distributed with it and that was the major consideration in choosing it. However, it is one of these open source thingies and there's no deluxe documentation, so it's taking a little time to figure things out.

I finished getting something half decent up on my own web server -- that's been the focus of effort over the weekend -- but it's not behaving as expected on the hosting site. Something subtle. So I'll have to stay with Blogger for maybe a week more until the kinks get ironed out.