Thursday, June 17, 2004


Iraqi blogger Hammorabi (hat tip: MW) has more details on the possible alliance between the Al Qaeda's Abu Musab al Zarqawi and the Ba'athist stragglers. They've set up headquarters in Fallujah.

"There is news from Falluja talking about a special meeting recently took place in one area in the centre of Falluja in which the (Mujaheeden) has pledged allegiance to appoint Al-Zarqawi as the Ameer (Prince or Governor) of the City of Falluja! Zarqawi was in the meeting which was attended by top leader of Mujaheeden including Arabs from Jordan, Saudis, Syrian and Palestinians.

They divided the city into various areas and called it Emarat El-Falluja (Emirate) with Zarqawi as the Ameer (Prince). They appointed a leader for each one of these areas among the Mujaheeden with one group under his leadership. They gave Zarqawi an Oath to set out the Islamic state of Caliphate in Falluja and from there they will spread it into the rest of Iraq and the region. They now try desperately to gather lot of youths and young people enthusiastic for that to join them. They also tried to get themselves extended well beyond that area to Baghdad and other regions. Among them are many Saudi Wahabis and Syrian with other Arabs."

The Belmont Club earlier linked to an article from the Site Institute which reported that Izzat Ibrahim, once vice president of Iraq and one of Saddam's high ranking security henchmen had transferred his allegiance to Zarqawi, presumably because the Saddam well has run dry. Hammorabi also alleges that Zarqawi and his goons have their hooks right into the Iraqi Police in Fallujah. He counsels: don't run to the station house for help. The expletives are his.

In a news report distributed by Iraqi demonstrators in Baghdad, the IP in Falluja with the Wahabi terrorists captured and killed 6 Shia Iraqi youths. The demostrators seen in the above picture was during the funeral of the 6 men in Baghdad Today. The incident happened on 5th June 2004 when these men hired by a person from Falluja to transport goods there. Once they transported the goods they have been captured by the Group called Mujaheeden (Wahabist) with the help of the local IP in Falluja!

During their return to Baghdad the 6 Shia men have been stopped by gun men terrorists who introduced themselves as the Mujaheeden who fought against the US Marine in April 2003! The 6 men managed to escape and seek refuge with the IP station in the city. The IP then handed them to one of the Wahabi extremist Mullah who handed them to the thugs. The thugs (some Arabs terrorists among them) asked for a ransom of 3000 US Dollar for each one alive! Among the captured was Mohammad Khodier a 12 years old boy who was released later. He told that the Mullah handed them to the terrorists who speak with non-Iraqi different Arab axons. They then decapitated and mutilated them and among them were his older brother and his uncle! Another man called Alaa Marai said that he went to negotiate with the terrorist to give them alive and most of them were Syrian who refused unless the money paid! Shamran Mohammad Dawood one of the relative who went to negotiate their release told France Press that Mullah Al-Janabi (Wahabi) told him to come back after 2 days to get them! When they returned back the terrorist told them to go to Al Ramadi hospital Mortuary. There the thugs asked the relative to pay 700 US Dollars for each body to be given! The relatives then have to give the money to Al-Janabi (Wahabi Mullah) to receive the mutilated bodies of their beloved ones! Janabi with an interview with the Fucking Al-Arabyiah TV said he have nothing to do with their blood and he denied his involvement.

After tortured and abused; two Mullahs from the Wahabi sects called Abdullah Aljanabi and Thafer Al-Dilaimi ordered their execution and mutilation of their bodies and confiscating their belongings including their clothes! Just to remind that the Saudi thugs who killed the American engineer in Riyadh in the most barbaric way and filmed it and those kidnapped another one called themselves the Falluja Brigade! I feel sorry for the wife, the son, the daughter and family of the engineer when they saw him kicked and shout down in that film as I feel sorry for the Iraqi Shia youth's families whose bodies mutilated then given back to their beloved ones. The well known fucking Arab media which works as a mouthpiece for the terrorists propaganda with the hypocritical Red Cross concentrated and sympathized with the mass killer Saddam yet haven't mentioned any sympathy with victims of the above mentioned attacks. The only thing they showed is the film of the killing of the engineer in Riyadh which I am sure is very agonizing for his family to watch!

Apparently, Fallujah has cops who hand you over to the perps and imams who consider mutilation their ministry. This is part of the community which Iraqi political leaders sought to spare when the Marines were storming across the city. This transcript from a June 13 "Meet the Press" interview between Tim Russert and Iraqi interim President Ghazi al-Yawar illustrates the point:

MR. RUSSERT: Thus far the United States has lost 827 soldiers, airmen, military servicemen in Iraq; more than 5,000 injured and wounded. And yet you recently said the United States was guilty of genocide. Do you think that's appropriate gratitude for what the United States did for Iraq?

PRES. AL-YAWAR: I never said that, my friend.

MR. RUSSERT: You said the United States in Fallujah...


MR. RUSSERT: ...was committing genocide.

PRES. AL-YAWAR: Yes. Yes. That was in the Fallujah case when a massive army besieges a city. Yes, we are against the bad elements in Fallujah, but the best way to get rid of them--by separating them from the rest of the people. When you besiege a city with an army and you start shelling it with jet fighters, definitely you are turning the law-abiding citizens of Fallujah to be comrades in a struggle with the bad elements. We don't want that to happen.

Mr. Russert may be shocked to learn that bad elements in Fallujah have transformed six simple law-abiding citizens into men of many parts. Mr. Russert's indignation about Marine heavy-handedness is not shared by a Washington Post reporter whose vehicle was reduced to junk by gunmen who pursued it all over Fallujah.  Daniel Williams of the Washington Post took his bullet riddled vehicle to Abu Ghraib, of all places, for safety. "Despite damage to the vehicle, it eventually limped to Abu Ghraib prison, about 20 miles west of Baghdad, where U.S. military police gave us refuge. Few residents of the notorious facility probably ever entered the compound as happily as we did." When Williams asked Marine Colonel Larry Brown why they didn't do something, the Colonel answered, "inevitably, if we went in, there would be a lot of collateral damage. People would defend their homes. We would only go as a last resort". The Colonel might have added, but tactfully refrained from saying, that the Post would be the first to pillory him if they did.

The June 30 transfer of power is less than a fortnight away and the Iraqis will have to start deciding whether their country is worth fighting for or not. It is the Iraqi half of a coin whose American face will be stamped in November, when the voters will signal whether they want to defeat the terrorist enemy or attempt to coexist with them. It is a transaction with no return, no exchange.